Improve Your Website Backlink Profile

15 Apr

Natural Backlinking is one of the powerful strategies among SEO-related strategies as it possesses a higher level of trust. In today’s world, ‘word-of-mouth’ has become one of the strongest weapons of marketing since people prefer to rely on recommendations and users experience. Natural Backlinking contains an element of trust and due to this, it becomes the driving force that plays a significant role in boosting the popularity of a website. A rise in the popularity further boosts the page ranking. Thus, one can easily make out that everything is ‘inter-linked’ in SEO. It is no exaggeration to say that earning links is similar like earning votes online. The more the links, the easier it is to develop confidence among the targeted audience. By earning more and more recommendations, a website can truly be successful in enhancing its credibility to a great extent and once the entire process of trust-building begins on a good note, there is no looking back for a website. With the passage of time, a website begins gaining popularity among the search results of the search engines and becuase of this; it becomes possible for a website to carve out a successful niche. A strong credibility not only lends a sense of comfort to the existing users, but it also plays a determining role in fetching new target visitors to the website.

Quality over quantity

There are various SEO techniques to create a powerful backlink profile.. One excellent way to create a powerful backlink profile is to incorporate a combination of links from social media sites, article sites, video sites, blogs, forums, niche websites, online directories, review sites, etc. To get an idea about the relevant backlinks, competitor’s websites can be scanned in order to understand their backlink profile. However, blind and casual approach towards backlinks may prove to be intimidating for the survival of the website because Google has already tightened its belt against unethical practice of building backlinks that aim to manipulate search results. Thus, one should always be concerned about the quality of the backlinks instead of the quantity.

A backlink is as useful as the website it is coming from

There are various aspects of backlinking that leads to the improvement of the search engine ranking. Backlinking only make sense when the websites backlinking to you, possess following attributes:

  • Superior quality content
  • Outstanding social media presence
  • Grand user experience along with little bounce rates.
  • Spam free

The Importance of Having a good backlink profile

Now comes the million dollar question, is backlinking an obligatory process or it is just a hype? Well, being a part of the Search-Engine Optimization process, its usability can’t be completely discarded. There are numerous reasons why a website developer should pay attention to the backlinks:

  • Backlinks play a vital role in enhancing the website’s PageRank.
  • Social sharing of the content is enhanced and due to the same, the popularity rises.
  • Backlinking plays a significant role in valuable network building with other businesses and webmasters that facilitates a business in fetching various benefits in the long-run.
  • Backlinks enhances the effectiveness of the entire SEO process.

Cleaning up your backlink profile can take a lot of time, money and effort. The best idea, obviously, is to only build high quality, relevant links to your website.

Have you had to clean up your backlink profile? Tell me your story, comment below or reach me on Facebook.


How to Increase Consumer Engagement

30 Mar

Consumer Engagement

How to engage readers by providing different ways to join the conversation

In the era of intense competition, nothing can thrive without offering something uniquely appealing. The same is true for online content. Whether it is a personal or businessl blog, an e-commerce website or any social networking website, quality and engaging content is one of the only aspects that can ensure long term success. The actual traffic generated depends on how engaging the content of a website is and what the quality of the content is. End-users have gained prominence and they do look for ways to connect with their favorite brand. When they are being given various opportunities to share their emotions and provide feedback, they feel valued and this is how a long lasting bond of trust and faith develops between them and a company. There are various ways through which the attention of potential customers or targeted audiences is grabbed and steared towards the content.



Blog posts: The number of bloggers is increasing day by day. The biggest appeal of the blog lies in its effortless two-way, engaging communication. Besides having a company profile, try to engage potential users through blogs; with their casual appeal, people feel free to connect with the brand. Since anyone can be a part of the blog comments, it really makes the entire conversation more engaging and information rich.

Forum: A forum is yet another fascinating way to strike an engaging conversation among your target audience. In a forum, a lot hinges on the ability and pro-activeness of the moderator. Thus, choose a moderator who loves interacting with people, possess a good sense of humor and can tackle the controversial comments in an intelligent manner.

opinion poll

Surveys or opinion poll: Your readers will feel extremely valued if they are being offered an opportunity of giving their opinion or if they are asked for being a part of the survey. The casual, user-friendly and interesting appeal of opinion poll works wonder most of the times. Another major appeal of the surveys and opinion poll lies in the facility of being anonymous and sharing opinions and comments. So, just make the most of the opinion polls and surveys by thinking of a cool and fascinating question for an opinion poll or survey.

Social networking profile: In the wake of the growing popularity of the social networking websites, more and more people are coming forward to take the opportunity to connect with the target audiences. Worldwide, most of the people are fond of social networking websites; it is one of the most popular medium to enhance the base of end-users and to create a strong brand value. However, in order to enhance the customerr base, you really need to think out of the box and come up with unique content and interesting ideas to spike the curiosity and interest of the targeted audience.

Newsletters and Announcements: Remember the golden rule of refreshing brand since Newslettercompetition is increasing day by day and every piece of content is vying for the attention of readers; so in that case, writing newsletter articles and interesting news announcements can really help you to connect with the target audience on regular basis.


Here I have given you some methods of engaging with your readers/customers. They are easy to implement and will enourage participation between your company and its audience.

How are you engaging with your customers? Comment below and tell me how you interact.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid with Your Ecommerce Website

29 Jan seo mistakes to avoid

seo mistakes to avoid

No matter how careful you are with your SEO strategy for your e-commerce website, there will always be some nagging issues. This article is all about the common problems from a Search Engine Optimization perspective, while improving search engine ranking of your e-commerce website. Some of the basic and commonly experienced issues are:

  1. Bad URLs
  2. Different pages for similar products
  3. Product change
  4. Incorrect links

Bad URLs

There is nothing bad with the URL, but having a big URL with random text that makes little sense doesn’t help either. For illustration, avoid mistakesthere is no need for the below URL to exist

The best form of writing URLs are:

While creating the URLs for your e-commerce websites, you need to consider the following essential things.

  1. Try to use URLs which are not dynamic. Keep it simple.
  2. If you are using a static page, avoid using parameters in it.
  3. Do not make use of underscores or spaces in URLs; instead you can use some dashes if you like.
  4. Make use of lower case letters in the URLs. Never use a capital letter.
  5. URLs should include the relevant keywords in them.
  6. By looking at the URL, a user should be able to depict what kind of page it is.
  7. URLs should be short. Avoid creating two line URLs.

A good SEO should never make use of capital letters in the URLs. Making use of lower case letter will not only improve search engine ranking of the website, but it is the norm for search engine and we should follow it.

Another thing to avoid is the cannibalization of keywords in the URLs.

Different pages for similar products

Many companies are now coming up with their own official websites where they advertise in a much better way. Each year, new products arrive and older products go out of fashion. The best example can be things like cars and mobile phones. Every year a new model is launched with improved design and functionality. In this scenario, your developer has to create a new page for it and remove the old page from the website.

In order to make this hassle free, you can add an authoritative page for a specific product.. We do have to create individual pages for the products, but creating a single page unifying all similar products works great SEO wise. It is better and easy to rank one page, rather than creating multiple pages and ranking them individually.

 Product change

Another common Search Engine Optimization mistake is creating multiple pages for different variation of the products. For example, you might happen to see a website where all the men’s shirt’s of different colours has individual page for each colour. It means if you click on images to change the colour of the shirt, you might redirect to another page. This can be problem because all these different pages build a substantial amount of duplicate content for the website. A good SEO plan should never commit such a mistake with their websites.

Incorrect Homepage links

It is common sense that in order to get redirected to the homepage, a user might click the header logo instead of clicking the home button. The real problem arises when the header logo redirects the user to a different page. This will also give rise to duplicate content problems. So in order to avoid this, the logo should always redirect to the homepage and you should avoid creating a separate ‘Home’ link.

be careful

After implementing all the above considerations, you will definitely see some improvement in your search engine rankings for your e-commerce website.

Share your thoughts on any problems you face with your e-commerce site, comment below. You can also share this article if you have found it helpful.

You should also look at your website from a customers perspective. There are other factors to consider if you want a remarkable website. Read this post on customer experience optimization to help your business generate profits by providing an engaging user experience  on your website.

Google Analytics – An effective tool to enhance the website performance

5 Jan How to use Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Background

Google Analytics is a Web analytic service that offers basic analytical tools and statistics for marketing and SEO purposes. This service can be used by anyone who possesses an account with Google. Google acquired Urchin software Corp. in April 2005 and one of the products of this company laid the foundation for the service of Google Analytics. The service basically aims to create detailed statistics in order to give an inkling regarding the number of visits to a specific website.

This product mainly caters to the interest of various marketers since they can measure website performance with ease. It is among the most popular website statistics service. This service is available for free of cost, but one has to pay a small fee for using the premium version. The reason of the popularity of Google Analytics lies in the fact that it can trace visitors from almost all referrers that include display advertising, e-mail marketing, search engines, digital collateral, pay-per-click networks etc.

Basic Features of Google Analytics

GA offers basic services like identifying scantily performing page by using the technique like funnel visualization. It can also give an idea regarding the referrers and duration of their stay along with revealing their geographical location. It is also equipped with an advanced feature that includes custom visitor segmentation. The e-commerce reporting module of Google Analytics is competent in tracking sales performance and activity. It can reveal transactions made by a website, revenue earned and a couple of other attributes related to sales metrics.

GA features a strong tie with other products by Google like Public Data Explorer, Website Optimizer, AdWords, etc. This truly magnifies the power of Google web analytics. GA mainly caters towards the interest of retail websites for small and medium sized enterprises. Due to some limitations, this service fails to fulfill the requirements of sophisticated websites of large organizations.

It is also possible for users to gather information about those business owners, whose websites have a presence on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. However, many security experts are skeptical about the privacy aspect in GA.

 Google analytics for small business

Final Word on Google Analytics

Well, it is undeniable that GA truly offers a valuable assistance to small and medium sized firms, since by using GA, these firms can enhance the performance of their promotional and marketing campaigns. GA lets e-commerce website owners to figure out diverse ways to improve the functionality of their website. With the help of GA, business owners can improve the Return on investment of advertising campaign. They just have to measure website performance and fine tune their website for maximum ROI.

During this summer, a new feature was introduced in GA, which is meant to offer more benefit of data featured by GA. This in turn, will enhance the performance of the campaign. Remarketing lets its user to connect with the visitors of the site, in order to display those ads to the visitors, which cater to their individual interest across the network of Google Display. Ultimately, with assistance of Remarketing, it becomes easier to decide the relevancy of the ads, in order to offer them to diverse customers according to their interest.